Assistant Chief Constable (ACC) Julian Moss, Chair of the Action on ACEs Panel, has been awarded honorary membership of the Faculty of Public Health (FPH) in recognition of his work to tackle childhood trauma. He is the first Police Officer to receive Honorary Membership from the FPH.

Following a nomination for membership by Gloucestershire’s Director of Public Health, Sarah Scott, ACC Moss was invited to attend the FPH annual awards. He received his Honorary Membership at the Faculty of Public Health Annual General Meeting and Awards and Prizes Ceremony on  Wednesday 12 June 2019 in London. The membership is in recognition of his work in leading on, and co-ordinating, Action on ACEs Gloucestershire.

ACC Moss said: “I have learnt so much from this partnership working and it has just shown me how much more there still is to learn. We’ve started a social movement in Gloucestershire where all sectors have come together to make a difference by taking actions on ACEs.

“I am honoured to have received this membership and we will strive to continue the work we all do to address the impact of childhood trauma.

“Research shows how people can be protected from the effects of their ACEs by building resilience and improving personal wellbeing and by making sure prevention is put in place at the earliest opportunity is key to protecting children from coming to harm.”

The achievement is bestowed upon people who have made a significant contribution to the science, literature or practice of public health or through their outstanding service to the Faculty of Public Health.  Action on ACEs Gloucestershire works to prevent and mitigate the effects of childhood trauma, enabling and supporting children to thrive.

ACC Moss is pictured with Professor John Middleton, President of the Faculty of Public Health. Photo credit: Faculty of Public Health