ACEs eLearning

Action on ACES eLearning

The e- learning aims to raise awareness of the science of ACEs and resilience in order provide the information to communities, organisations and individuals to allow you to take action.

The e-learning is to provide a introduction to those who want to learn about the science and impact of ACEs because of your professional or personal role, learn about what you can do take action on  ACEs and a practical resource to further knowledge or to come back to at a later date.

There are knowledge check questions at the end of each section – its up to you if want to complete them.

By the end of this e-learning  you will be  ACE Aware however  this does not make you trauma – informed. That would be the next step to explore after completion of this module.

Warning:  some of the content can be considered triggering and impactful  so please speak to peers and  see our sources of support list if needed.

Duration: Approximately 15 minutes

Cost: Free.

Who is for? Communities, organisations and families

How do I access the course? You can access the eLearning by clicking the link. You can use this on a PC, tablet or a mobile device. 

Click here to access the course > 

There are video clips so audio is required.

This learning has been created by Action on ACEs Gloucestershire  and funded by Gloucestershire County Council Early Years Service.