Awareness survey 2018

During July 2018 Action on ACEs Gloucestershire ran a survey of professionals and organisations in the county to get a snapshot of current awareness levels of ACEs and to see what work is already underway.

Using the survey, we wanted to uncover the language people use to describe childhood adversity and trauma informed practices. We asked questions around the impact of ACEs, strategies in place to support those affected and the level of professional training being provided. The results of the survey helped inform the content for our November conference, as well as the information we will provide to professionals as our work continues.

In summary:

  • 216 people completed the survey
  • Respondents included professionals working in health, education, social care, police and charities
  • 76% had heard of the term ACEs with the majority saying their knowledge was good to fair
  • However¬†many said their knowledge of prevention interventions and impact mitigation was fair to poor
  • Many respondents refer to ACEs as toxic experiences, trauma or a general term, so the use of consistent language is important