Sharing stories of hope and resilience is an important way to raise awareness of ACEs and provide hope, that the impact of ACEs can be overcome. At Action on ACEs Gloucestershire we want to create viral change and this is all about the flow of stories. By sharing your story, you can  help us to achieve our mission of building communities that are aware of ACEs, talk about ACEs and take action on ACEs.

Take some time to read and watch the local and international stories we’ve shared below. If you want to share your story with us, please submit your own story here>>

Fire & Rescue Service receives ACEs training

Gloucestershire Fire & Rescue Service (GRFS) have been taking Action on ACEs since the beginning of our campaign in 2018. SkillZONE Manager Donna Potts, regularly attends our events and was one of the first to get involved in supporting our work, by delivering...

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My Story – Kim

"I know there are many people that are homeless for many reasons but I don’t think that I am the only one who went off the rails as they had a traumatised start" Kim Horton is a reporter here in Gloucestershire and has been a great supporter of Action on ACEs. Kim...

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My Story – Elliott’s daily life as an addict

Hello, my name is Elliott, I am a recovering alcohol and cocaine addict. I began life as any normal teenager and experimented with substances (mind altering chemicals/drugs) and found they took me away from my problems. I naturally started to use them more and went...

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Home-Start Gloucestershire

The expansion of Home-Start support across Gloucestershire will make a difference to families living in very rural communities in the Forest of Dean, Tewkesbury, Cheltenham, Stroud and North Cotswolds. As well as supporting work in inner city wards, where there is...

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My ACEs journey by Chief Inspector Tim Wood

This blog first appeared on the Royal Society for Public Health website and was written by Timothy Wood, Chief Inspector for Gloucestershire Constabulary. It reflects on the journey he has taken since his first involvement in the National Consensus Statement working...

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Reducing exclusions in schools 

The story of how introducing restorative practices in Gloucestershire primary school, helped reduce the number of fixed term exclusions.

The impact of ACEs

This short film, inspired by true stories, shows how a supportive and caring adult can help a child overcome childhood trauma and exposure to violence

Building Resilience

One school’s story of putting wellbeing at the heart of learning. Filmed at the ACEs Aware Nation event in Scotland 2018.