The Gloucestershire ACEs strategy supports county-wide, ACE-informed ways of working, that protect children from the things that harm them, and help break the cycle of ACEs by ensuring children have supportive adults and the life skills they need.

The strategy explains what we will do to prevent, intervene early, and overcome the effects of ACEs. It provides a framework for local communities and organisations to consider the role they too can play in asking about and acting on ACEs.

We want to celebrate the good work that is carried out every day across the county by parents, foster carers, trusted adults, teachers, early years, youth workers, sports coaches, community groups, early help practitioners, social workers, police officers, faith groups, health workers, housing providers and many more. The hope of the ACEs Panel is that readers of this strategy will be able to understand how an ACEs approach could add value and be built into existing approaches where appropriate, as well as providing a common language for talking about adversity and resilience.

The strategy is overseen by the ACEs Panel which directly reports to the Health and Welbeing Board. The strategy is regularly reviewed by the ACEs Panel and shaped by the ACEs Ambassador network.

You can view the most up to date version of the ACEs strategy 2021-2024 here

Previous Strategy

You can view the summary version of the 2018 strategy here ACEs-Gloucestershire-Strategy_2018-20-FINAL

Or view the full 2018 strategy, including references and links to further resources, here Action on ACEs full strategy