Trauma -informed

Much like individuals, organisations experience trauma and can embed it within their culture. Trauma-informed organisations incorporate knowledge about trauma in all aspects of the organisation – in practice and, if pertinent, service delivery. Various frameworks exist for becoming trauma-informed and organisations that make a commitment to do so,  will differ in their choice of implementation, strategy and approach. 

As part of its Action on ACEs work, Gloucestershire County Council has produced a paper to summarise the different frameworks available. It was produced to inform discussions at the ACEs Panel and help provide answers to questions we are often asked about the journey organisations might take towards becoming trauma-informed. The paper includes examples of Gloucestershire organisations working to become trauma-informed, as well as sample frameworks and a list of further resources and information. 

If you would like to offer further input or have any questions about the paper, please get in touch on email actionaces@gloucestershire.gov.uk

Frameworks for Becoming Trauma-Informed