Vision & mission


is a resilient Gloucestershire where communities and organisations are acting on ACEs.


is to build communities and organisations that are aware of ACEs, talk about ACEs and take action on ACEs. We will build a social movement that recognises the potential lifelong impacts of adversity in childhood and takes action to stop childhood harm.


Communities and organisations acting together will be able to:

  • Prevent ACEs
  • Build resilience against long-term harm from ACEs




There is always hope: the potential negative effects of ACEs can be overcome.

ACEs is one of the seven priorities within the Gloucestershire Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy (2019 – 2030). Since the special meeting of the Health and Wellbeing Board in November 2017, Action on ACEs has come a long way; catalysing a social movement and  bringing people together from a wide range of backgrounds to share the science of ACEs and resilience and stories of hope and learning from the experiences of others.  

The activity, collaboration, and innovation that has occurred across the system has been momentous. Becoming aware of ACEs and trauma has enabled individuals to take positive risks, look holistically at situations and do things differently and has provided a common language.

Feedback from our two professional’s surveys and evaluations shows that we are having an impact and making a difference in Gloucestershire. Our learning from the work to date and the approach we have taken to implement the strategy has been shared far and wide.

Action on ACEs has matured and evolved and we recognise that a lot of what we have accomplished since the first strategy was launched has been through the power of the behaviours outlined below. We want to achieve a cultural change and in order to do this we need to continue to embed these skills and behaviours  and do things differently.