Who we are

In November 2017, Gloucestershire’s Health and Wellbeing Board held a special meeting on the impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and resolved to bring organisations together to develop an informed, county-wide approach.

In January 2018, the ACEs Panel was formed and Action on ACEs Gloucestershire began, bringing together representatives from local voluntary sector organisations and statutory agencies to develop a strategy for Gloucestershire.

Gloucestershire is already taking action on ACEs. Many communities and organisations across Gloucestershire are already working to prevent, intervene early and overcome the impact of ACEs, and build resilience. Several organisations have been using a ‘trauma-informed’ approach for many years. An understanding of ACEs and the role of resilience will complement existing work already going on to build on positive relationships, social capital and resilience. This includes work such as restorative practice, strength-based approaches and asset-based community development.

We are proud of our unique partnership approach to ACEs here in Gloucestershire, which brings together public sector organisations and the community, to help build resilience. We hope you will join us in creating viral change.

Councillor Roger Wilson
Chair, Gloucestershire Health and Wellbeing Board