As we settle into 2020, we welcome Paul Stephenson, our new Panel Chair. Paul was the community subgroup lead for the ACEs Panel and has been responsible for leading on the objective of ‘working in partnership with communities and organisations to build resilience through encouraging trusted relationships and developing core life skills’, over the past year. During this time, three community pilots have been underway in Gloucester, Cheltenham and Stroud testing out three different approaches to building resilient communities. Sarah Scott, Director of Public Health will continue to act as vice-chair and continue to feed into the Gloucestershire Health and Wellbeing Board.

Paul says “With ACEs now being a priority area for the Gloucestershire Health and Wellbeing Strategy, the Panel will continue to passionately and collectively work to address the real challenges this topic represents in Gloucestershire. The Panel consists of representatives from a variety of statutory and community organisations who pool their skills and knowledge. We will be consciously reflecting on our progress to date and setting our objectives for the future, leading to a second Action on ACEs conference, to be held at Cheltenham Racecourse in June.”

 Central to the ACEs movement here in Gloucestershire is people. By us collectively taking the time to spread the word, inspire others and take action we will continue to grow the momentum that we started 2 years ago.

Paul says “The most powerful element of successes to date are shown by the real-life changes people have made to their lives. I would like to personally thank the Panel for their commitment and enthusiasm but also recognise the wonderful actions of individuals and groups of people within the communities of Gloucestershire who exhibit messages of hope and acts of kindness and compassion.”

You can view the summary version of the Health and Wellbeing  strategy here:

Or the full strategy