Cllr Roger Wilson sadly passed away in December. As Chair of the Health and Wellbeing Board, Roger initiated our work to build resilient communities acting on ACEs. He was inspired by the pioneering work in the United States to understand the lifelong impact ACEs can have on individuals and communities. He listened, encouraged and actively promoted the work of all of the partners to tackle adversity – bringing together professionals from police, health, councils, housing and the voluntary sector.

Cllr Roger Wilson first heard about ACEs at a Conference for Health and Wellbeing Board Chairs in June 2017, the day after he was appointed to this role.  He was struck by the evidence showing that the adversity we experience as children can affect us into adulthood.  He asked for a Special Meeting of the Health and Wellbeing Board to be convened, inviting members of Safer Gloucestershire and the Adults and Children’s Safeguarding Boards to join.

Cllr Wilson emailed everyone who came to the meeting the following day to say that: ‘the positive feedback that I received … tells me that you share my view that an ACEs informed approach to service design and delivery can make a real difference and improve people’s life chances’.   He asked for the ACEs Panel to be established to take forward this work. He played an active part in our story and we will continue to honour the amazing legacy that Cllr Wilson started